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Improved profitability through effective traffic counting, analysis and artificial intelligence.

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Our solution is designed to optimise business operations and efficiency. From retail stores

to shopping malls, from airports to public venues, our people counter offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer activities, so you can drive your business' growth.


We do people counting that takes you beyond the numbers to the web analytics for the physical world in the same way that websites track the number of “hits” or visitors that land on their page, businesses that run physical locations can — and should — measure the number of visitors that come into their shops or buildings.

Increased profitability

improve profitability

Increase the profitability of your outlet by becoming more efficient and effective.

Effective staffing

effective staffing

Match your staffing levels to changes in footfall in your store and ensure ultimate crewing levels

improve marketing

improve marketing

Improve marketing spend by obtaining better insights into the impact of campaigns.

happy customers

up customer satisfaction

Better serve customers by matching demand for service to staffing and stock levels.


People counting is the use of an electronic device (traditionally called a people counter or footfall counter) to measure the number of people that pass through a certain passage or entrance. People counting technology allows you to simply keep track of the number of people that enter a given area at any given time.

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