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people counting technology

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Proven and reliable technology that has a solid track record.

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Extensive local footprint of support technicians on your doorstep.

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specialist knowledge

This is what we do as our core business offering in local markets we know.

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Extensive data and analytics that enable robust decision-making.


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Our core technology is developed by SEMS Technologies, a developer of intelligent embedded systems for the IoT environment, the first released innovative “People Traffic Management” solution – SEMSEYE.


The “People Traffic Management” solution is provided as a unique business model - “Counting as a service” (IaaS & SaaS).

SEMS Technologies counting services consist of 3 major components:

  • Smart counting devices for people traffic counting

  • Cloud Server - a data center based on cloud computing

  • Big Data Services (predictive analytics and reporting)

retail store


Level the playing fields with online retailers for whom it is a daily operation to monitor and to know about all the visitors' behaviour details and shopping experience.


With this solution you can access all the data and analytics you need in order to make your store a more profitable enterprise by generating traffic and sales or by ensuring that existing footfall is more effectively utilised.

Real-time information will enable you to more effectively utilise existing space, plan staffing, measure the outcome of marketing campaigns, and much more to improve customer experience and profitability.

Construction Sites


Footfall analytics opens up a new era of understanding  client behaviour and creates the potential for real estate assets owners/developers and multi-store owners in a way that was never possible until now.


Commercially, people counting technologies are used in many applications such as airport security, hotels, manufacturing, business offices and travel hubs.


The technologies provide incredible benefits, as business owners can gain access to extensive data and insights that will enable them to market and manage their real-estate footprint in a more effective and efficient manner.


Examples of the insights to be gained

Single Retail Outlet 

  • Measure marketing effectiveness

  • Attractiveness of objects or zones

  • Count conversion rate

  • Predict future visitor flows and incomes

  • Compare attendance of several owned objects

  • Optimise point of sale and other staff schedules

  • Estimate average visitor and client basket size

  • Optimise opening/working hours

Multi Retail Outlets

  • Find out and promote best performing stores

  • Optimise salesmen and other staff schedules

  • Estimate average visitor and client basket size

  • Evaluate other effects such as weather impact on visitor stream

  • Estimate average visitor and client basket size

  • Predict future visitor flows and incomes

  • Measure visitor flows of separate retail branches 

  • Optimise opening/working hours

Malls & Real Estates

  • Estimate average visitor and client basket size

  • Understand how many people use each entrance, escalator

  • Evaluate other effects such as weather impact on visitor stream

  • Optimise security and other staff schedules

  • Provide accurate attendance statistics to tenants

  • Set the optimum rent price for each area according to people flow

  • Predict future visitor flows and incomes

  • Staff separation from visitor statistic

  • Plan cleaning or other services based on actual people flow, not passed historical experience

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